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BRAIDED BRACELET, Silver Bracelet, Christmas's Gift

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Category: Bracelet
Sub Category: Lux Authentic
Metal Type: 999 K Silver
Item Weight: 9.54 gr / 8.40 gr / 8.29 gr / 8.82 gr / 9.04 gr
Item Length: 7.5 inch / 7.5 inch / 7.7 inch / 8.1 inch / 8.5 inch
Details: The %100 handmade bracelet is the art of Kazaziye

The art of Kazaziye, inherited from the Lydians, who ruled in the second half of 2800 BC, to the Anatolian people, is a cultural heritage dating back to the present day. Kazaziye art, which has a history of 5000 years, is still applied in many jewelry, articles, and objects today.

Kazaziye art is an art entirely based on manual labor. Kazaziye is a local handicraft made by twisting on a silk or nylon wire, wrapped with a thickness of 0.08 centimeters, made with 24-carat gold and 1000-carat silver wires.

=> All images are copyrighted by Moyoni. All rights reserved <=

BRAIDED BRACELET, Silver Bracelet, Christmas's Gift
BRAIDED BRACELET, Silver Bracelet, Christmas's Gift

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